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hello newbies trainer welcome to my channel the fart tutorial today’s article we have to talk about the registrations and Aksum calm many of you ewbies trader may felt uncomfortable or confused to explore the unknown with your host me will reave out today no talking more last start.

Things to Prepare While Joining a Forex Broker

before joining a Forex broker make sure you have the internet which obviously how you access my article here a computer or smartphone to access axiom calm and email address which you will to receive a confirmation link to activate your account your ID card a passport to clarify you a real need another cap lastly money.

and to the uxm calm or the link below if you want to refer under me click on demo registrations click on real registration if you want to start trading right now.


open a demo account

fill in your information your personal details to let your leverage and click summit leverage basically means the higher the ratio you pick the higher amount of trading volume.

forex leverage explained

you are allowed to trade for example if you pick a ration of 1 to 888 you may open one standard lock position with only $100.

How to deposit

How to deposit

how to make deficits you will need to submit your ID card a passport for verification.

meanwhile you can also claim the thirty dollar note that will see trading bonus.

$30 trading bonus

if you are unsure how to get it contact a large click on the deposit button now.

deposit funds

you have a couple of options to make a deposit which common
options are credit cards bank transfer internet banking a wallet like Skrill
neteller and pay money for me I’m here demonstrating you how to make a deficit with Skrill which I have used credit here.


I keen amount I want to deficit I am being redirected shortly now I’m logging into my account me should amount your deficit mattress soon after the payment is made you will be redirected to a confirmation page.

Deposit Funds Skrill
Skrill account

Loyalty Program

Loyalty Program

let’s talk about loyalty points one of the features offered by only XM comm basically a rebate program.

Loyalty points button
My Loyalty Status

the mall you treat the mall loyalty point you will receive the longer you stay active with them your account status will automatically operate enhance more rebate loyalty points based on per standard lock.

How To Trade

How To Trade

how to trade you will need a trading software empty fall empty five all known as a meta trader.

meta trader 4

it’s one of the most used most popular trading software and most traders what you are looking right now is metatrader4.

symbol set
symbol set
 symbol set graph
symbol set graph
account history
account history
time frames
time frames
bunch of tools
bunch of tools
accounts indicators expert advisor and scripts
accounts indicators expert advisor and scripts

this is the symbol set this is the symbol set graph this is your open orders account history time frames a bunch of tools accounts indicators expert advisor and scripts.

this is account history where we track our trading transactions deficit every travels this is the deficit we made it L do now let me demonstrate you.

account history where we track

how to open the position before opening a position make sure you drag the symbol you wanted to trade to the graph

how to open the position

otherwise double click the symbol you desire to train you can also right click on the graph click trading and click

new order

new order this is the order box now I keep a small volume I wanted to trade I made up my mind and I click sell by market and now.

order box
order box

I have an open position which

open position
open position

I just created if you want to set up a stop loss at a profit of an order you can simply double click the ask a load P P : set the value you want for stop loss and set the value you want for take profit company and click the modify button we have now completed the basic tutorial of empty form.

 stop loss and  take profit
stop loss and take profit

How To Withdraw

How To Withdraw

How To Withdraw when counts for withdrawing your either now with profit or losses no matter what situation you are now in you will first need to redraw to the payment processor a Maui originally deposit then the remaining amount your local bank account.

withdraw funds
wethdrawal options
wethdrawal methods

if a sample you deposit $100 with credit cards and it made the $50 profits you will now have hundred $50 balance you will need first to redraw $100 back to your credit card and then the $50 profit to your bank account

deposit and balance
profit bank

allow me to demonstrate how do I redraw my initial deficit back to my original payment source they actually had these option features on there we draw page.

original payment source
Withdraw funds skrill
processed by our back office with in 24 hours
withdrawal history
receive email confirmation
skrill payment message

I type in the original amount i deficit and i click request now your job is to wait it will take some time for your withdrawal request to proceed I receive mine in about 18 hours this is an email confirmation of my withdrawal request this is an final receive email confirmation from Skrill I would like to notify you different payment processor has different fee policy.

what I recommend you is to use credit cards the reason being is that the transaction you made can be refund then you will not be charged for any additional withdrawal fees.

charged for any additional withdrawal fees


finally let’s talk about the bonus and promotions offer by access main category of bonus and promotions offered by XM


that hasn’t changed for years world the exclusive life women are $30 no deposit bonus 50% deposit bonus up to $500 bonuses the 20% deposit bonus up to 4,000 and 500 bonuses the XM loyalty program a free we PS also known as we sure private server if you deficit more than five thousand dollars zero fees on deficits every trouble.

Franklin daily signal from different currency pairs and lastly special promotion from special events at the end of the article I thank you for staying this long with me.

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